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First Commit.

Musings1 min read

Why do most repos / projects start with First commit.? If this answer doesn't find me, Ill never know. Because it is highly unlikely I will ever look it up.

Either way it felt fitting for the title of my first blog post🤓. In building my own personal soapbox, its only fair to outline what you can expect when stopping by. There are three main categories I will tag each post with:


Where I pick a random topic and expand on it as best I can, backed by a little research of course.


A deep dive on something related to music. It may be an artist I draw inspiration from in one way or another. Or something cool I need to share as I study music theory.

Modern-Day Hieroglyphs

Let's say the world ended tomorrow. Now let's fast-forward and some future civilization happened upon a "#{tech_company}"'s conference room... How different would the code on the whiteboards at Amazon be to this hypothetical future civilization, than that of Egyptian Hieroglyphs to us? Hell, I could argue that JavaScript looks like modern day hieroglyphs to non-programmers. Anywho, "Modern-Day Hieroglyphs" relates to me writing (read: rambling) about code😊

I hope you enjoy; I hope you reach out to connect! At the very least, I hope my shares help in some way. Until next time🤓!